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...All transaction will be done Over Blockchain...

Here's How To Open an Account on Blockchain

1.  Go to and open an account...
homepage blockchain
2. Go to Wallet at the top or at the bottom get a free wallet

3. Normally a new screen will open, which can change anytime this is just to help you navigate.
login Signup

4. Click the bottom Create Your Wallet here you will get a new window see below.
Create Wallet
5. Fill in needed Data like above...  Next: continue: Now you will get a new window (see below) ...
6. HuraHura you now have a Blockchain Account... Here the mostly used bottoms are Send and Recieve...

7. to receive bitcoins in TeamCoins you will have to press the bottom receive under Be Your Own Bank, a new window will open which looks like the Picture below...
bitcoins address recieve
8. Copy the address and place it into your setting on Teamcoins.


Security Settings

9. Never use your Wallet ID this is not to receive Coins, it is your login ID for Blockchain ...
which will be sent to you in your email...
Wallet ID

Finding the Hash Transaction ID in Blockchain...

hash ID

Transaction drop down

hash ID
hash ID
Heres how to open an Account on Teamcoins...

1. Step One - Click Join...


2. Step Two - Fill in Data


You will find a link at the bottom to open a Blockchain Account or Click here..

3. Step Three - Login


Now you should be logged in .....

Members Area

When opening the Account section on the left you will find the following....

You can Complete your Profil, Account Setting, Make a Testimony, Subscriptions are the levels yo already have and upgrade is where
you can upgrade to the next Level. There also other ways which you will see to upgrade by just clicking the right button.

When going to upgrade you see this...


To be continued... Later...

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