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  • Trust is an easy way to grow your bitcoins. You only need 0.004 BTC to be a VIP member on the system and you have the chance to earn up to 320 BTC in a simple way.

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 What is is a peer to peer donation group where members facilitate the success of one another. It is a family of like-minded people who want the success of their friends first before theirs. Of course, by trying to ensure that their friends succeed, they are also blessed in turn by others who discover their kind gesture. is just like the name. Monies collected on the site are as a result of teamwork. There are no products or services being rendered and it is not an investment site.

 Is a scam or not?

A scam site is one that does not do as it says. In fact, it does not pay the benefits it promises. will be a scam if it does not deliver what it says. However, we can say that is real at the moment because everything it says comes true. Already, over 0.7 BTC has been sent to beneficiaries from donations. Please note that donations are made directly to your peer’s account and not to Teamcoin’s wallet. That means that your friend will receive any amount you are sending in record time.

 Overview of looks friendly to suit its purpose. Its design is worked out with a good color combination and texts that are easy to read. There are clear instructions on what to do to progress. Members from the international community are invited. Even if English is not your most preferred language, you have nothing to worry about because the site has a Google translator on the top right hand corner. On the drop down menu of the translator are most languages of the world. We were even surprised to find our native language (different from our official language) on the list. This means that is poised to serve everyone on the face of the earth.

You may also like the Facebook group where members can get together to know themselves more and share likes or dislikes about

 How works

There are six attainable levels on the site. At level 1, participants pay 0.004 BTC to qualify to receive the same amount from two other donors. You will get a total of 0.008 BTC out of which you will have to pay 0.006 BTC to be on level 2. Level 2 members are qualified to receive the same amount of 0.006 BTC from four other donors. This means that they will have 0.024 BTC at the end of the day. To step up to level 3, the member has to spend 0.020 BTC from his balance, leaving him with a balance of 0.004 BTC. Once this is done, he or she will be qualified to receive the same amount of 0.020 BTC from 8 other donors, and this will increase his profits to 0.160 BTC. To be on level 4, you will spend 0.11 BTC from your accumulated balance so as to enable you to receive the same amount from 16 referrals whose total contributions will earn you 1.76 BTC. The next level is level 5 where the level 4 donor spends 1.26 BTC to reach. Level 5 donors are eligible to receive 1.26 BTC from 32 referrals; this amounts to 40.32 BTC. You can further increase your expectations by donating only 5 BTC out of the 40.32 BTC you got in your previous level. If you successfully do this, you will have 64 people pay you the same amount to receive 320 BTC in the end. Remember that 320 BTC is just the final reward at the last stage. The overall profits you are going to make on include the balance from 40.32 BTC and other previous levels where you received money. Also note that as a donor on a higher level, you also qualify to receive money from donors that are below you. For example, a level 6 donor can receive donations from levels 1-5 while a level 3 donor is still qualified to receive from level 1 or 2 donors.

 Although is not the only peer-peer donation in history, there are some reasons why this one may seem to auger well with you. A handful of them are highlighted below.

 Benefits of

Start with only 0.004 BTC

Participating in donation platform is less burdensome. Unlike sites where so much is required, you only need 0.004 BTC to be a VIP member on the system. The amount is so low that you can even forget about it if you don’t care to invite people to donate back to you. It is pointless to create a donation site and require members to spend what they cannot easily give out to a friend.

 Invite only Two Members

Just in case you would like to receive donations, you only need two members to progress to the next level. Even if you are not an orator, it is quite easy to convince two friends to join a donation system that requires a little amount of money. Subsequent donations are easier to get because the members now spend from what they already gained from their own donations.

 You are secured

There are no phone numbers to be submitted during the registration. This is wonderful as there will be no embarrassing call from anyone to threaten you of getting back his or her money because the person does not have a downline. Besides, your number is free from scam issues and acts of impersonation.

 Increased time for Free Membership

A free member on is one who is yet to make his first donation. Free members on this donation service are granted up to two days to work for 0.004 BTC. This is quite different from other donation services where accounts are deleted when the registrant fails to comply within few hours.

 Instant Payment

You are going to receive your money as soon as your donor sends it. The only delay you may experience is from Bitcoin itself and this is understandable because confirmations have to be made in line with the working procedure of Bitcoin payments. This way, you can help a friend attain quick financial success while giving him or her an opportunity to also earn more from other kind individuals.

 Climb the ladder faster

It is not compulsory to climb the ladder one step at a time on You may wish to migrate to level 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 immediately without passing through the preceding ones by simply making a donation required for the upgrade. The faster you climb up the ladder, the easier it is to receive your 320 BTC. You don’t have to bother about who will pay you at those higher levels because the system does the matching when it is difficult to find someone who would want to start making a donation that is more than 0.004 BTC.

 Live Support

The support system is quite straightforward and quick to respond. It is not like you are going to send a message to a robot since you are provided with two Whatsapp numbers and one Skype address. You may even make a direct phone call to Robert Schmitt by dialing the phone number on the bottom left hand side of the home page.

 Conclusion is an easy way to grow your bitcoins. There are banners available on each member’s account to make your job of referring others quite easy. There is no risk associated with this one since you already know that there are no products or services being sold to multiply your money.


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